PITE 3926C User Manual

ITE 3926C could be used individually to reflect battery status or used together with PITE’s other battery test equipments like battery charger and DC load bank. For different battery systems, it has customized configuration from 12V to 480V or upper. And it has easy expansion for all UPS systems.


  • Small weight modular design and very easy to install and operate
  • It tests all battery types of 1.2V, 2V, 6V and 12V
  • Simple wireless communication between batteries and PC software
  • Simultaneously monitor cell voltage, string voltage, current & temperature
  • Data auto saving in PC, no need for data transfer
  • Work with battery charger or load bank to reflect battery status
  • One cell DAC is connected with multiple batteries, save your time and money
  • Could be used as temporary voltage monitoring or as permanent battery monitor
  • Direct powered by battery, no need for extra power supply
  • Sampling rate is customer programmed for real time monitor and report generation

Model Information

Cell DAC>>>

It monitors voltage of each cell. For different battery system, depending on different battery systems, each PITE 3926C model will require different amount of Cell DACs.

String DAC>>>

It monitors string voltage, string current and ambient temperature. Each String DAC will come with a customized current sensor for testing string current. Each PITE 3926C Data Logger will only need ONE String DAC.

Communication terminal>>>

Connected with PC to collect data from Cell DACs and String DAC

Technical Specification: