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PITE 3923 Cloud BMS is the first generation of IOT( Internet Of Thing) for BMS. The true online Battery Monitoring System that allows you to access the status of your batteries anywhere anytime via Web, ios App or Android App. You can have a trial with our demo accountant Username: worlddemo   Password:123 before you login, don’t forget to chose Language English 

  • Customizable & extensible structure, could monitor as many batteries as you want
  • Intelligent components, small & smart, support power-on wiring, easy and fast installation
  • Unique patented Multi-Frequency AC discharge method to ensure the test result is high precisely
  • Configurable auto testing to save labor in daily regular maintenance


  • Unique tech to switch between auto-patrol and sleep, low work voltage, no harm to battery
  • Unique auto balance individual charge/discharge tech to extend the batteries’ lifespan
  • Support many communication method such as: PLC, RS232, RS485 and GPRS
  • Data synchronism with internal server, so Administrator could control and view the test anywhere anytime


Project Showing