PITE 3520 Portable Standard Meter

Scanning Head

Optional Current Clamp(100A)

The PITE 3520 is a portable standard meter based on latest technology for power and energy measurement. It is multifunctional for meter measurement with easy operation and user-friendly interface. This makes it very flexible for a comprehensive measurement of power meters on site.


  • Accuracy class 0.05 with direct connection and 0.2 with CT
  • Smart, portable and easy touch-screen(TFT) operation
  • With high accuracy in direction measurement of current and voltage leads
  • Stable measurement under various temperature
  • Test active and reactive power meters
  • Test power instruments and transducers for all parameters including active power ,reactive power, voltage, current, power, power factor ,phase angle and frequency
  • Measurement of 2~50 harmonics for 3 phase voltage and current
  • Tests PT and CT secondary load
  • Internal memory for data storage and direct USB exportation of test results
  • Measurement technique of true reactive power ,not influenced by harmonics, 3 phase unbalance, phase angle asymmetry and frequency changes
  • Direct connection for current measurement for with required current sensor


  • Tests all kinds of power meters with 2-wire,3-wire and 4-wire circuit
  • Check constant of different meters
  • Measurement of TA ratio
  • Test all parameters including active power, reactive power, voltage, current, power, power factor ,phase angle and frequency
  • CT ratio measurement for primary and secondary currents
  • Test of energy and power register
  • 4 quadrant measurement
  • Harmonics measurement for current and voltage up to 50th THD
  • Vector diagram display
  • Distinguish for 48different ways wire connection for 3 phase 3 wire and 96 ways for 3phase 4 wire
  • Displays 3 phase waveform for voltage and current
  • Comprehensive identification of wire connection for all power meters


Technical Specification

Accuracy class:                  0.05% (direct connection)   0.2% (with CT)

Voltage range:                    30V~480

Voltage accuracy:              ±0.03%

Current range:                   0.05A~5A (direct connection)  5A, 100A, 500A &1000A (with CT)

Current accuracy:             ±0.03% (direct connection)

Input frequency range:    45-65Hz

Frequency accuracy:        ±0.002Hz

Phase range:                      -180~180°

Max phase error:               ±0.05°

Harmonics range:              2-50

Harmonics error:               Uh≧1%, Un: 5%Un   Ih ≧3%, In: 0.15%Ih

Pulse constant:                    low frequency–5A:71200p/kWh   Other: 71200*(5/le)P/kWh   (le—rated current)

Ratio measurement:        ±0.5%

Voltage influence:                <±0.01%

Frequency influence:           <±0.01%

Temperature influence:       <±0.005%/°C

24 hours variation:               <±0.01%

Harmonics influence:          <±0.01%

Operation temperature:      -10°C~45°C

Storage temperature:          -15°C~65°C

Relative humidity:              14.4V 2000mAh Lithium battery

Internal memory:               16MB

External memory:              4GB

Communication port:       USB

Size:                                     270*170*54mm

Net weight:                        1.5kg

Declaration of conformity:   CE conform