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Battery Test Equipments

PITE is a Chinese National High-Tech Company, dedicated to battery testing, measuring and monitoring equipments R&D and manufacturing.

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Rated 5/5 by 12,000 Satisfied Customers

Qualified Manufacturer

PITE is a Chinese National High-Tech Manufacturer, qualified with ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and so on

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Established at 2001 we are dedicated to R&D and manufacturing quality test equipment with professional training and after sales support

Satisfied Customers

Thousands of satisfied customers work with us for years, together we are serving more and more clients worldwide


Decades of researching and manufacturing, PITE have been dedicated to develop precise, portable and durable battery test & measurement equipments for customers. After years of hard work and improving, now more and more customers chose and like our quality product and service, you are more than welcome to join our satisfied customers’ family

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Battery Test & Measurement

Battery Load Bank

Discharge testing batteries is the only verifiable method the capacity of your batteries. LB 3980 DC Load Bank delivers a programmable, constant current load for your testing needs. Whether you are load testing for capacity, performance, acceptance or other, LB 3980 provides you an economical complete package solution. Increase employee and battery system safety with PER CELL monitoring and standard built in auto-shutdown features. To suit a variety of industries and diverse applications, LB 3980 offers over 60 standard models to fit your exact needs at the best price.

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Battery Tester

Regular maintenance and test is a “must-have” procedure for standby batteries. It is also recommended by IEEE latest standard for maintenance and testing of standby batteries. The excellent performance of BT3915 for testing cell internal resistance and voltage will help you eliminate the weak batteries and ensure their performance.

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Ground Fault Locator

Cost can be tremendous upon bad insulation or grounding in the power system. It may even cause power break-off which is costly to repair. Therefore, fast localization and elimination of grounding faults will be significant for electricians and technicians. It is also required by DIN VDE 0100-410 (VDE 0100-410): 2007-06 chapter 411.6.3.1 and IEC 60364-4-41 chapter 413.1.5.4. GFL3836 is developed to fast detect, track and locate virtual grounding faults on DC systems. This spares you from hours of unnecessary troubleshooting and helps to increase the reliability of your electrical equipment. It is widely used in locomotive, telecom, power utilities, etc

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Product Setting and Usage

Normally all our product have been calibrate and test for 3-5 days before package and delivery, in case when you replace some parts or do maintenance, you may need to do calibration or change some setting accordingly, you could find the instruction from here or contact our sales for support

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We have been working with PITE for years, their product are stable, durable and high cost performance, it helps us expand our marketing share year after year

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Rated 5/5 by 12,000 Satisfied Customers

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