Our Battery Date Viewer is an offline software to review the test and analyze data from our battery test equipment such as Battery Load units LB3980 and Battery Charger & Discharger PITE3932T, it comes within the USB flash drive in your product package, you can also redownload it from our weblink

  • PC Requirements: Windows with Chrome browser
  • You need register a local account to log in
  • Data management logic: Company>Branch>Site>battery test date, you need create and enter simple company, branch, site and battery information during the procedure

1 Register an local account to log in

2 Create a company account to manage your date

3 Click”+” to continue and creat a branch account

4 Enter Branch name and save

5 Upload your test data via the string section

6 Upload

7 Upload successfully

8 Battery string test data diagram

9 Single battery test data diagram

10 Battery test data overview

11 Download test data in Excel

12 Battery test data in Excel