After wiring and turn on the unit, our Battery Load Bank LB3980 is very easy for you to enter your specific setting and start the test. In the case bellow we use the unit LB48V-300A to discharge 48V, 100A as an example for your reference

1. Discharge

2. DIS test (Discharge test)

3. Enter the battery string number

4. Enter “Strg Volt (String Voltage)”, “Cell Volt (Cell Voltage)”, “Cell Qty (Cell Quantity, if without DAC, please set Qty to 0)” and “DIS I (Discharge Current)”

5. Set the test automatically end condition, “Strg end U (String Voltage End)”, “Cell end U (Cell Voltage End)”, “DIS Cap (Discharge Capacity End)” and “DIS time (Discharge Time End)”

6. DAC Sequence. Default “-” means DAC 1 start from positive electrode

7. Ready to start your discharge test

8. Discharge started, depends on your setting, it may take 5-8 minute for the discharge current to increase smoothly

9. Discharge test complete