Three Phase Meter Tester

It is multi-functional in field testing for power meters and metering units of all wirings. Testing functions include: metering unit and power meter. With these function, it is widely used in power utility, substation, telecom machine room and the alike for power consumption examination, circuit breakage inspection, power abnormality analyzing, asset management and industrial production management.

  • Smart, portable and easy touch-screen (TFT) operation
  • Single-phase and three-phase measurement, two in one
  • Combination of electricity meter tester and power quality analyzer
  • Online monitor for real-time data testing and comparison
  • Safe and quick measurement for electricity anti-theft
  • Test result playback on screen and transferable to PC for report printing
  • User-friendly interface and vivid screen display, simplify on-site testing power meters

Other Specification:

Technical specification

Voltage signal input: Direct input

  • Resistance: >2MΩ, 20pF
  • Testing range: 10~700Vrms
  • Peak voltage: 1000V
  • Power consumption: <0.5VA/phase

Current input circuit

  • Indirect input, with different current clamps
  • Testing range: 20Arms, 500Arms, 1000Arms
  • Power consumption: <2.0VA/phase
  • Frequency range: 40 Hz ~70Hz
  • Measurement accuracy: 0.5

Screen and memory

  • Screen: 640×480, 3.5’ TFT LCD touch-screen
  • Internal Memory: 16 MB Flash
  • External Memory:256MB
  • Com port: USB port

Power supply: Rechargeable Li-ion battery

Workable for 5~6 hours

  • Power adaptor: AC100~240V/DC16.8V-1A adaptor
  • Main unit: 0.7kg, 277×169×36mm
  • Working temperature: -20~40℃
  • Relative humility: 5~90%RH
  • Insulation: >2MΩ, AC1500V/50Hz, 1 min

Scanning head

Optional printer